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Commercial Solar is fast becoming a competitive advantage for businesses.

We have the expertise and experience to design a commercial Solar PV system to suit your business for the next 25 years.

We use a our range of analytical tools and power quality meters to do this. They’re used to assess how suitable solar is for your business, and provide important insights to help you make the best decision – We give you expected annual generation and savings, system lifetime savings, annual system generation and we will throw in free ongoing monitoring.

Solar PV can quite possibly reduce peak demand and give you massive electricity savings but NOT on that full day of rain and your in full production mode!

Peak demand is measured every 30 minutes in QLD and will be high in a 30 minute window of rain.
Regardless of what your solar PV produced for the remainder of the month, your
business will pay that KVA peak demand for the entire month!

We have the solution- Contact us now  Commercial Solar Brisbane

And we know this check out the video below, we have proof.

Look this site has solar and no Power Factor Correction

Look this site has solar and no Power Factor Correction