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Power Factor Correction Brisbane

On 1 July 2015, Energex changed tariffs for large businesses whose annual consumption greater than 100MWh but less than 4GWh.

Those Businesses will now move to a peak KVA demand charge.

This will financially impact businesses with poor power factor the hardest.

So what is Power Factor?

It is the measure of how effective incoming power is being used at a site; it is expressed as a numerical value between zero and one.
The closer a power factor is to one, the more efficiently a business is consuming electricity. (ie not paying for wasted electricity)

A power factor between 0.95 and one is more cost effective. The higher the power factor, the more effective the electrical equipment is being used e.g. a power factor of 0.7 means that 70 per cent of power supplied to the equipment is being used effectively, and 30 per cent is being wasted. This wastage is an unnecessary cost and businesses will be charged for it.

Why is it important to have high Power Factor?
Many large businesses are now being charged a kVA tariff instead of a kilowatt tariff. What this means is that you are being charged for the power you are supplied (kVA) rather than the power that you use (kW). In essence you are paying for the wasted power supplied. Businesses with low power factor (say 0.7 – 0.9) will be paying additional KVA Demand Charges charges for this waste. Depending on the tariff you’re on, power factor correction will be a cost effective initiative for your company to reduce electricity costs.

How can I improve my Power Factor?
Your power factor can be improved by installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment called Capacitor Banks. 
Capacitor Banks work to correct energy supply inefficiencies, while also reducing peak demand on the electricity network. 
This is a relatively low cost solution to reducing your power bill.
Did you know that poor power factor will add significant cost to electricity bills?

It also impacts the electricity grid in your area, that's why Energex is offering financial incentives to improve power factor which will save on network upgrades in the future.


STEP 1  Contact your electricity retailer and see if the tariff you're on would benefit from improving your power factor, find out what your power factor is.

STEP 2 Contact us and we can interpret your recorded electrical usage data and then give you a very site specific evaluation of your facility.
STEP 3 Arrange a time for us to present the evaluation and proposed cost savings to your company.

STEP 4 Complete the fast track application form below to see how much funding is available for you.

Contact us today and we can arrange a fully costed savings analysis for your company. 

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Why Choose our product?

Watch this quick video, and you will understand why we use Continental Power Corporation PowerworRx Units.




Distributor Capacitor Technology 

The greatest benefits of power factor correction are when you install the capacitors as close to where the reactive currents are required.

This will also increase the current carrying capacity to install additional equipment with your facility, something that a lump capacitor bank at the main bus can not achieve.

To optimise your savings potential PowerwoRx CPS will provide more benefits than
traditional power factor correction and save more energy over the ten (10) year warranty period than any other capacitor technology on the market today.
This 1 min Video proves how easy it is to save electricity

This 1 min Video proves how easy it is to save electricity