You'll be impressed with our electrical installations!
Solar power, electrical installations and more!

Solar power, electrical installations and more!

Looking for Solar Power Brisbane ?

Many people ask us how the name came about - Green Ninja Electrical Pty Ltd. 


Well, the "Green" part refers to our main business focus - Energy saving to benefit our environment.

We believe we are making a difference in helping to make the planet a little greener.

We also pride ourselves on being an ethically aware company. 

With this mission in mind, we also offer energy efficiency audits, energy saving advice, energy saving installations and fitouts.

We have experience with installing a wide range of innovative energy saving products.

We can supply and install a range of LED down lights which not only look great, but are also cheap to run and just as bright, if not brighter than your current lighting system.

We can reduce your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


The "Ninja" part refers to the ninjas of old - an elite group of highly skilled warriors who were stealth in their operations, swift and precise.

It refers to our wealth of experience in both electrical equipment and electrical installations.

The company director himself has been working as an electrician since 1994, mostly in commercial construction.

We know the most cost-effective, functional, practical and innovative equipment to install.

We have learned the secrets of the neatest, most efficient, cost-effective, fastest and safest ways to install.

We aim to impress our customers! All work is guaranteed. All work is performed according to Australian Standards and industry-recognised codes of practice. 

We only employ the best of the best....the Ninjas.


And...the "Electrical" part? We are a licenced electrical contracting company; qualified to attend to all your electrical needs.

If you are looking for a company  that will help inform you with the best options for solar power installations Brisbane or electrical energy saving installations - at a price you can afford - please feel free to contact us: . You'll be glad you did.


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Please tell your Social Networks about us by clicking here!

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Solar edge

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